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How to use Zoom app on iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows | Tom’s Guide – Downloading Zoom on Your Laptop

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– How to install and use zoom app on laptop


It has the option to enable audio-only, video, and live chat. This app replicates the in-person collaboration experience and has gained visibility since the pandemic onset in March Zoom is available on desktops, laptops, mobile devices across all platforms. It has pricing plans suited to different businesses and a free subscription with all the basic functionalities. If this is your first time working with Zoom, don’t worry.

It is straightforward to download and set up. You can now explore all the app features; now that you know how to download and set it up. You can use zoom for online meetings, chat with other contacts, create specific channels, and sync other apps from the App Marketplace.

The app has various security features which allow you to restrict attendees and keep the conversations confidential. Talking with other people, including friends and co-workers, using videoconferencing technology is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of communication. With videoconferencing users can hear others and see others who have webcams. This feature allows for more personal conversations.

Businesses utilize videoconferencing to conduct meetings, discuss future plans, work through project tasks, solve problems, and much more. A popular choice for hosting and joining video conference calls is Zoom , available for use on a computer, smartphone , and tablet. To learn how to install and use Zoom for videoconference calls, select from the list below and follow the steps provided. To use Zoom for videoconferencing on a computer, you must have a microphone and webcam installed.

To install the Zoom client or app, select the link for the type of device you are using. Often, when invited to join a Zoom meeting, you receive a web link in an e-mail or a meeting invite for your e-mail client’s calendar to join that meeting. If you don’t have the Zoom client or app installed yet, you’re prompted to download and install the program.

After joining the Zoom meeting, you may have to wait for the host to accept you into the meeting before being able to participate. If you didn’t receive a link to join a Zoom meeting, but you do have the Zoom meeting ID, you can manually join the meeting.

At this point, you can choose to start a meeting immediately or schedule a meeting to start at a later date and time. After clicking or tapping Save for the scheduled meeting settings, a calendar invite is created and opened in the e-mail or calendar program selected in the scheduled meeting settings.

Add people to the calendar meeting invite that you want to invite to your Zoom meeting, then send the meeting invite. You can invite people to join a meeting already in progress, whether you’re a host or a participant. On a mobile device, you can send a meeting invite through a text message by tapping the Send Message option after tapping Invite in step 2 above.

To protect the Zoom meeting, participants joining must be accepted into the meeting before seeing others or sharing their screen. If you are hosting the Zoom meeting, open the Participants to see who is waiting. If you recognize the person waiting, hover over their name and click the Admit button. If you are not the host and joining someone else’s meeting, you have to wait for the host to admit you into the meeting before you can participate.

If the host doesn’t accept you into the meeting after waiting a few minutes, contact them over e-mail, text message, or another form of communication to remind them you’re waiting. The steps to start screen sharing depend on the device you are using. Select from the links below for the proper screen sharing steps. To stop sharing, click the Stop Share option at the top of the Zoom meeting window. On step two above, you can select options to share something other than your mobile device’s screen, including pictures and a web page.

Below are some additional tips that are good to know when hosting or participating in a Zoom meeting. To start or turn on video in a Zoom meeting, click or tap the Start Video option at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window. To stop or turn the video off, click or tap the Stop Video option.

To mute the microphone so others can’t hear you or any background noise, click or tap the Mute option at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window. To unmute your microphone, allowing others to hear you, click or tap the Unmute option. To record a meeting on a computer, click the Record option at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window.

To record a meeting on a mobile device, tap the More icon in the bottom-right corner of the Zoom meeting screen, then tap Record Android devices or Record to the Cloud iPhone or iPad. How to install the Zoom client or app.


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