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Going voice-only for some calls can help cut down on Zoom fatigue. Featured Products. Bonded Cellular and Beyond. Be sure to introduce all parties you are hosting at the beginning to create a welcoming environment and stimulate engagement.


– Don’t let a call interrupt your live broadcast


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Loading page content. The meeting facilitator should be responsible for running the meeting agenda in a timely manner and engaging participants they see trying to jump in by asking them to speak.

Meeting facilitators help meetings run more efficiently and keep the conversation focused on goals and next steps. If the meeting you’re holding is large — with 10 or more participants, multiple of whom are tuning into the meeting remotely — in addition to a facilitator, you may need an “on-call” participant in the room who can flag any issues remote participants are experiencing to the rest of the room.

That way, remote participants can immediately get in touch if they’re unable to hear or see speakers in the room, or if they need to get in a word edgewise. The in-room advocate can simply say “Sophia on the Zoom call has something to add here,” whenever a lull in conversation occurs — something that’s tougher to perceive remotely than it is in-person.

Many video conferencing software have features that allow remote participants to virtually raise their hands in the conference room. Zoom , Google Hangouts , GoToWebinar , and BlueJeans all offer ways for virtual participants to “raise their hand” and indicate to the host that they’re ready to speak. If you have to interrupt during a meeting, do so in a way that doesn’t derail someone else’s train of thought.

Wait until you hear or see a signal that the topic of conversation is about to shift, and politely say, “Before we go in a different direction, I have something to add.

To ensure that the meeting allows remote participants or quieter folks to get their two cents in, build a meeting agenda that provides for time at the end for unstructured contributions and additional ideas.

If you are wondering how to minimize overlapping speech and avoid interruptions during video calls, these three strategies will help improve your online communication skills. It’s been over a year that we’ve been zooming, skyping, and video chatting away for work, for fun, and for interviews.

And by now you’ve probably interrupted someone without intending to and have been interrupted yourself. It’s quite easy for interruptions and overlapping speech to occur in virtual environments like online video calls.

While spotty internet connection or low-quality mics and in-built webcams are generally the culprits, there are a few things we can do to compensate for those issues. It’s important to enunciate better, especially in the virtual realm where internet connection might be spotty. When you speak slower, the receiver has a better chance of being able to read your lips if they cannot hear you.

In which case, the visuals might freeze for a second but the sound might still carry through. If you’re someone who naturally speaks fast like me then you’ll definitely want to practice this offline so you can ace in online. This is a teaching strategy that we implement while teaching to ensure that all students are following the lesson and that everyone is on the same page.


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