How to do a zoom meeting uk.A Step-by-Step Guide to a Zoom Meeting

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How to do a zoom meeting uk.How to join a Zoom meeting

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Record important Zoom meetings.


How to do a zoom meeting uk


And once you’re in a meeting, have some fun by figuring out how to change your Zoom background. But if you’re looking to quickly and easily set up a Zoom meeting for colleagues to join, here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Open the Zoom app on your computer, or download it opens in new tab if you haven’t already. Step 3: Click the orange camera icon that reads ‘New Meeting’ to start a meeting. Your camera should turn on and you can now manage your meeting settings with the dashboard on the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Sign in to Zoom, or make an account if it’s your first time using the Zoom app. Best Online Backup Services. Best Budget Smartwatches. Reader Favorites Best Linux Laptops. Best Wi-Fi Routers. Awesome PC Accessories. Best Wireless Earbuds. Best Smartwatches. Best Oculus Quest 2 Accessories. Best Home Theater Systems. Browse All News Articles. Firefox Translations. T-Mobile Voice Over 5G. HP Dev One. Microsoft Store Updates.

Steam Deck Dock Delay. Ring Price Increase. The New Google Meet. Surface Laptop Go 2. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing tool that lets you host virtual one-on-one or team meetings easily. With powerful audio, video and collaboration features, this remote communication tool connects remote team members with each other. Step 2: You have two options when it comes to creating a Zoom account. Step 2: Sign up or sign in to Zoom by following the on-screen instructions that are similar to the desktop process.

Step 3: The website will redirect you to the Zoom app and start a meeting. Note: You can also start a meeting quickly through the desktop app by following the instructions we list for mobile devices later on. You can send these to participants via text, email or instant messaging. Step 4: You can also directly email the meeting details through your preferred email client via the Zoom app itself. Step 3: Edit meeting settings according to your preferences such as switching video off for participants, using a Personal Meeting ID, etc.

Zoom will now give you the option to share your meeting details via a variety of communication platforms. These include various text, email and messaging apps on your smartphone. Note: The same steps apply to both your desktop and your phone. If you have a join link for a meeting, just click on it or paste it into your web browser to join the meeting.

Step 2: Enter meeting details in the Schedule Meeting pop-up window that appears. You can set its date and time, privacy and access settings. You can also select your preferred calendar between iCal, Google Calendar or others to schedule the event in your calendar.

Step 4: Zoom will redirect you or open another form for adding the event to your preferred calendar. Recording a meeting lets you easily use it as a reference to document everything that was discussed. This is especially important for remote teams who use Zoom video conferencing as their key mode of communication.

Zoom allows you to record meetings easily and save them either to your local device or the Zoom cloud.


How to do a zoom meeting uk


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