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So sometimes, you never know where the network problems are coming from, and what they may affect. Learn how to identify and diagnose Internet problems and Internet connectivity issues in your network using Network Monitoring and Traceroutes.

With a proactive network monitoring software, you can identify problems right as they happen, even before your end-users start experiencing them. For more information on troubleshooting network problems, check out our article on How to Troubleshoot Network Issues.

Learn how to troubleshoot network issues by identifying where, what, why network problems occur with Network Troubleshooting tools. To continuously monitor your network and Zoom performance, we recommend using a Network Monitoring software , like Obkio to do the work for you. A network monitoring software can continuously monitor end-to-end network performance and identify network issues for you.

It can help locate the source of problems affecting Zoom when Zoom performance is unstable, but your Internet is working just fine.

Remember, your Internet isn’t always the main problem! Start Zoom monitoring network performance and troubleshooting network problems in 15 minutes with Obkio! To begin monitoring Zoom network performance with Obkio, you need to deploy Monitoring Agents which continuously run tests to measure network and application performance.

As mentioned earlier, Zoom is supported by AWS. For more information about deploying this Monitoring Agent type, refer to our Getting Started Documentation. Learn how to do this in this Zoom documentation. This way, if you have a network problem, you can easily see if that same problem is affecting all your sites or just one.

If the problem is affecting all your sites, having Agents allows you to collect the most accurate data to troubleshoot, as well as create a comparison point. You can now continuously monitor the network performance of your Zoom application and identify Zoom performance issues like Zoom packet loss, jitter, and more. Obkio can then detect outages within 5 seconds and network degradation within a minute. So Obkio can identify the exact moment that your Internet connection becomes unstable, according to Zoom, and why it happened.

You can also go back in time and see the exact network performance for your Zoom application every minute of the previous week with historical data, and create a network performance baseline. This will elevate your new basic account to a licensed account and give you access to the Zoom tab in Canvas.

If you have scheduled a course to be automatically recorded, students may enter early and begin the recording process before the class starts. The solution to this is is to make sure in the meeting setup to un check the option in meeting setup that says “Enable join before host.

In the screen-sharing screen, make sure to check the box in the lower left-hand corner that says “Share computer sound. Your default folder for Zoom recordings is located in your personal folder, most likely a folder called “Meeting Recordings.

How are Zoom and Panopto integrated into Canvas? How do I make sure my Zoom meetings are secure? What are the computer and browser requirements for using Zoom? The Zoom app for student usage is available on another device such as a computer, tablet, etc. Visit the Zoom web portal by clicking the link. You can link to webinars by clicking on the navigation link. Register for a webinar to practice.

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How to Join a Test Zoom Meeting


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