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For example, check whether versionCode and minPlaformVersion are set to integers as required and whether the icon path is correct. In other words, a GET message is used by mistake.

mysql Error Code: Code Example.

The time change does not require manual review again. Change the size of the banner ad to x for testing. What can I do if my quick game is rejected because it requests unnecessary permissions from users? Set this. Some or all of the content is encrypted and the encryption method is not available in. Result code indicates an internal error. Compared with rectangle collision detection, pixel collision detection has one more parameter: true.


Zoom meeting error code 1005 – none:

Zoom Out. Zoom In. Automatic Zoom, Actual Size, Fit Page, Full Width, 50%, 75%, %, %, %, %. More Information Less Information. A required data input field was either not included in the request or was included as a NULL or empty value. This type of error could optionally include an. Error Code: — there is a wrong primary key reference in your code Usually it’s due to a referenced foreign key field that does not exist.


The Preferred Virtual Meeting Platform for Over a Decade | Zoom.packages that used to be available versus ones that are now available · GitHub


It occurs because too many online users to access the video feed, you can set password, or reboot device to access again. Error Logon account and password is incorrect, please double check password. One email address only can have one account. If NAT status is success, then verify is serial number is correct. You only can add cameras, when NAT status is success. Ensuring device serial number, user name and password info are correct.

Result code indicates an internal error. Check whether your test device can display ads. For example, check whether other types of ads can be displayed properly. Currently, in the Chinese mainland, the value false is returned. If isNeedConsent is true , the user is in the EEA or another sensitive region, and user consent must be obtained based on ConsentStatus.

Huawei server will filter out repeated events. A formal ad unit ID uniquely matches an app package name. The package name of the quick app is different from that of its corresponding native app. As a result, this cannot be achieved. This problem is generally caused by a rendering error and can be resolved by loading the node with a delay, for example, ms, after the closing of the rewarded ad. The value true of isEnded in the onClose callback indicates a video is completely played.

If the value is false , the video is not completely played. The sample code is as follows:. In the command, the dot-slash. If HiAdKitLog. Analyze the ad request body and response and find the logs with the keyword HiAd.

Pay attention to the logs related to request and response data, as shown in the following figure. The request and response data are in JSON format. You can use a tool to format the data. The HTTP request fails, which is not a service failure.

This is an ad request, and the configuration needs to be returned first. The SDK version number in the ad request is missing. Incorrect SDK version number in the ad request. The ad unit ID cannot be used to request formal ads. Invalid ad unit. It does not match the app package name. No native ad is returned. Check logs to locate the error.

The native ad is being requested and cannot be requested again. No roll ad is returned. The roll ad is being requested and cannot be requested again. No rewarded ad is returned. The rewarded ad is being requested and cannot be requested again.

The ad unit ID list of the rewarded ad is empty. No interstitial ad is returned. In the preceding logs, the size of the banner ad of the quick game in the Chinese mainland must be x px. In this example, the size of the transferred ad is x , which does not meet the ad requirements. Therefore, result code is returned for retcode30 , indicating that the request is successful but no ad is returned.

Change the size of the banner ad to x for testing. After obtaining the logs, analyze the request parameters related to the ad assets under multislot in the request data and the result code specified by retcode30 in the response data to modify the ad code. The possible causes of an SSL error are as follows:.

Check whether the certificate is valid and is issued by a trusted certificate authority. If the certificate does not meet the preceding requirements, download and install the certificate again. This function is applicable to scenarios where Account Kit and IAP are not required, mainly for quick apps released outside the Chinese mainland.

Sending messages from an HTML5 web page to a quick game. Call the system. In the UX file of the web element, process the message sent by the HTML5 web page in the onMessage e callback method of the message event.

Receiving messages from a quick game on an HTML5 web page. Modify the code logic in the original package body, where the app ID, package name, and fingerprint of the HTML5 game can remain unchanged. You are advised to obtain data from the cloud instead of that on the local device. This process can be considered as the upgrade of an HTML5 game. This problem is usually caused by the game rendering mechanism.

Set the game frame rate to 60 fps. Other frame rates are not supported currently. Ensure that the submitted fingerprint is the same as that in the signature used for formal packaging. If none of the subpackages are loaded, check whether the subpackaging configurations are correct.

If some packages fail to be loaded, consider the loading performance. It is recommended that you do not load packages consecutively. If you do so, the loading delay will be increased. To use the native keyboard API, you need to adapt to the qg. A potential cause is that the library contains such code as Function “return this” ;.

For security purposes, the game engine disables such code by default. It is recommended that you modify the JavaScript code. In addition to protobuf , the following third-party libraries have similar code.

If these libraries need to be imported, you’ll need to modify the code as well. By default, a game developed using Egret Engine uses the showAll mode. When an image is displayed, there are black borders on the upper and lower sides. The tap event can be triggered only when the height of the upper and lower black borders is added.

You are advised to change the mode from showAll to fixedWidth , and remove the upper and lower black borders of the image. For example, you can set fixedWidth in either of the following methods:. The default rendering mode of Egret Engine is canvas.

Since Egret Engine 2D 3. Find index. If no parameter is specified, canvas is used for rendering. In Egret Engine 2. You can use a display object as a mask to create a hole through which the content of another display object is visible. In the example figure, the red square’s resolution is x px, and the blue circle has a radius of 25 px. The red square is partly masked by the blue circle. The masked object is displayed in the opaque area of the mask, so only the part covered by the circle is visible, that is, only a red circle is visible under the mask.

The display object used as a mask can be animated and dynamically resized. You do not need to add the mask to the display list. However, if you want to zoom in or out on the mask when zooming in or out on the canvas, or if you want to implement user interaction with the mask such as resizing , you must add the mask to the display list.

The data-orientation attribute in the index. The options of the attribute are landscape and portrait. In Egret, resources are usually loaded using the egret. HttpRequest class.

The core methods of the HttpRequest object are open and send. The open method receives all requested URLs. The loading mode is optional and is passed as a constant using an HttpMethod , usually the GET method.

After the loading is complete, use the response attribute of the HttpRequest object to obtain the returned data. Static files that can be loaded include text and binary data.

The progress of loading static files can be traced. The loading progress event ProgressEvent. The sample code for loading binary data is as follows:. After the data is loaded, the ArrayBuffer object can be obtained from the response attribute.

Then data can be read. Collision detection is used to detect the intersection of two or more objects. The following two modes are available:. Egret provides the hitTestPoint method to perform collision detection. Compared with rectangle collision detection, pixel collision detection has one more parameter: true.

This parameter indicates that pixel collision detection is used. The following figures show the compilation and debugging results. Rectangle collision detection: The collision result is returned in the text. The value true indicates that a collision occurs. Pixel collision detection: The collision result is returned in the text. The value false indicates that no collision occurs. This problem is usually caused by an incorrect frame rate setting. You are advised to adjust the frame rate of all pages to 60 fps.

You can implement this function by importing JavaScript code in import or require mode. Ensure that the path and file name of the icon parameter in the manifest file are correct. Global system events refer to the global events that do not belong to any tree nodes and are uniformly delivered by cc. Currently, the following events are supported:. For details about mouse and touch events, please refer to Node System Events.

Currently, you are not advised to use cc. The usage of cc. Global events such as keyboard events and gravity sensor events are registered using the cc. The available types of global events are as follows:. In the event listener, set the event type to cc. When such an event is triggered, the callback function callback event is triggered.

Callback parameters: KeyCode and Event. Implementing gravity sensor events. Callback parameter: Event. Cocos Creator provides a convenient timer schedule for components.

The timer is derived from cc. Scheduler in Cocos2d-x. Cocos Creator adapts to the component-based usage mode.

Compared with setTimeout and setInterval , the timer schedule is more powerful and flexible, and can work better with other components. The following describes how to use the timer schedule in the component. When the timer of a component triggers the callback function, this of the callback function points at the component itself. Therefore, this can be directly used in the callback function.

WebSocket is a protocol used to establish persistent connection between the game server and client. If the preceding problem occurs, you are advised to check the server configuration, including the certificate, Tomcat configuration, JAR package, and URL. Therefore, related parameters in the payment API need to be modified accordingly.

After the modification, ensure that the local test is successful before you submit the quick game for release review. If in-game payment fails after the game is released, you are advised to instruct game players to clear the historical cache. The game page needs to be properly displayed in the notch. Do not place buttons or texts in the notch. Otherwise, users may not be able to tap or read them. You can import them in import or require mode.

If only the content has been changed for the HTML page, but the page URL remains unchanged, you do not need to update the quick game, for the game content will be updated automatically.

If the page URL also changes, you need to change the setting of the src field in the HTML5 quick game, update the game version information versionName and versionCode in the manifest.

It will not be a problem. If you request apps with the same developer account, these apps will share information such as the payment public and private keys.

The payment public key and private key can be reused for quick games under the same developer account. An identity verification pop-up is displayed after you sign in to a quick game. The package name of each app must be unique. It is recommended that a quick game package be named in com. Do not include demo in the package name.

For details, please refer to Removing an App from Sale. Marque a alternativa que indica o nome do s dirinfo. This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies, java. Physically writing the file full; Please wait SqlException: ‘Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. OperationalError: sqlite3. OperationalError unable to open database file. Net SqlClient Data Provider spring data. InvalidConnectionAttributeException more than one time zone.

You must configure either the server or JD value if you want to utilize time zone support. Did you install mysqlclient? ProgrammingError: 42S22 : Unknown column ‘ Exit status 1 npm ERR! Failed at the sqlite3 4. Document links to external content Document links to images not in the PDF that are used as alternates. For example, an alternate, high resolution images might be specified for printing. Images must not contain an OPI alternate version.

Document links to external content Document contains external streams. The author has flagged some PDF bytes as a stream which may get data from an external source. The document may have been created by a later version of Acrobat.

Page content may silently change Unrecognized drawing operator: The document contains PDF content or custom content not supported by the current version of Acrobat. PDF content contains errors Malformed drawing instructions: Syntax error.

Page content violates the grammar for page content definition. For example, the instruction might specify drawing a square but the syntax for doing it is incorrect.

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