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Is Microsoft Whiteboard integrated with Microsoft Teams? Whiteboard integration in Microsoft Teams meetings is powered by Whiteboard for the web, which lets participants of Teams meetings draw, sketch, and write together on a shared digital canvas. This duplicate can be used to create new boards or used in a similar fashion to templates.

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Zoom has built-in whiteboard and annotation options you can use in your course meetings. This blog will cover some of the basic functionalities of the Zoom whiteboard as well as how you can use it in your online course meetings this semester.

Zoom provides step-by-step instructions that demonstrate how you can share a whiteboard with your students. While the Zoom whiteboard is useful and conveniently built-into the platformit may not have the features you need for your particular course, discipline or use case. If you want to use zoom whiteboard tutorial phone, tablet or stylus, OIT has created an annotation and handwriting guide. You do not need /5972.txt secondary device or stylus to use the Zoom whiteboard, but zoom whiteboard tutorial in mind that drawings may be difficult zoom whiteboard tutorial produce and read with a mouse.

In your main Zoom meeting room, you can use the Zoom whiteboard in place of a dry erase or chalkboard. You can по ссылке your whiteboard using simple Zoom annotation toolsincluding text, draw, stamps and an eraser. There are functions that allow you to redo or undo annotations, clear your drawings and clear the drawings zoom whiteboard tutorial other participants. Zoom provides a selection of colors for text and drawings, and you can bold, italicize or change the font.

Zoom whiteboard tutorial accessibility standards in mind when using these features. You can copy and paste text onto the Zoom whiteboard, so if you wanted to have your students look closely at a passage or problem together, you could quickly make that information available using the text function.

In the above example, I have posted the opening lines from Pride and Prejudice with annotations created in Zoom.

The annotation tools provide multiple ways to engage your students in course activities. Zoom whiteboard tutorial, for instance, you wanted your students to participate in zoom whiteboard tutorial group brainstorm, you could ask them a question and post it on the whiteboard for clarity that they could answer by shouting out answers or sending them through chat, while you wrote them down. Students may also simultaneously annotate on the whiteboard. For example, perhaps after your class finished brainstorming, you might ask students zoom whiteboard tutorial individually use the stamp tool to place a check or star by an idea they particularly liked, as illustrated by the example below.

Encouraging students to use the annotation tool gives them another opportunity to participate. Duke Senior Lecturer of Romance Studies Melissa Simmermeyer has also demonstrated how to use Zoom annotation outside of the whiteboard for instructional and icebreaker activities. You need to ensure in advance of the activity students know how to locate their own set of annotation tools. In addition to activities that require relatively small annotations on the part of the student, you might ask your students to participate in ice-breaker activities that require zoom whiteboard tutorial of them to contribute to the board.

Or, after returning from small group breakout rooms, you may ask group leaders to write summaries of the discussion on the whiteboard. If you plan to zoom whiteboard tutorial this, be sure to work out of logistics of where students are writing, as you want to avoid any overlapping text. Whiteboards can also be used in Zoom breakout rooms. One student in each room can share their screen with the zoom whiteboard tutorial, so long as you have allowed all participants to share their screens.

Once there, click on the green arrow, which will generate a menu. You might have students use whiteboard boards in breakout rooms to brainstorm or provide peer-review.

Before you send students into their breakout rooms, be sure to walk them through how to share their screens and find the Zoom annotation tools. Sharing a Whiteboard Zoom.

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