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With live interactive tools, you can drive meaningful communication with your audience and have more control over how you engage with your fans. This includes live polls, featured links, live in Stories, live comment moderation, front row, badges and more. With live polls , effortlessly build polls before a broadcast begins and share them to fans during the broadcast.

Receive real time feedback from your audience on important topics and understand what they would like to see next. With featured links , share multiple third party links to sites you care about during your live broadcast. With Live in Stories , you can share your live broadcasts directly to Facebook Stories as another way to maximize the reach of your content with your audience.

With live comment moderation , you can manage the conversation around your content. You can also designate a specific viewer to moderate comments on your behalf. Learn more here. Front row highlights your top fans in a special section of your live broadcast. Front row gives you a chance to see who your most loyal fans are so you can give them a shout out during your live.

Badges help you understand how much your fans are engaging with your content and help your fans feel valued. Fans can earn different badges a number of ways, including sending Stars and tuning into live broadcasts.

With Live Producer, you have the option to go live using a camera and streaming software, also referred to as encoding software or an encoder.

The encoder that’s best for you may depend on the type of content you plan to stream. There are several programs to choose from, including free open-source software. Learn more about encoding software options and going live with streaming software.

Learn more about how to use Live Producer here. Qualified Pages can add a Donate button to their live videos by using the Facebook app on mobile or Live Producer on a computer. This allows you to raise money during a live video for a nonprofit or charitable organization, including your own. Learn how to add a Donate button to a mobile broadcast. Live With is a co-broadcasting feature that lets you invite multiple guests into your mobile live broadcast.

Live With provides a streamlined experience for going live that makes it easy to invite guests and create different types of live broadcasts.

As the host, you can select multiple guests to go live with during a mobile broadcast from your Page or profile Live With is not available on desktop or in Live Producer at this time. This Messenger Rooms feature allows you to turn your room into a co-hosted Facebook Live.

You can easily go live with up to 50 people to a Facebook Profile, Page, or Group you manage. Live , Stage Ten and easylive. Find the partner that is right for you. Video conferencing software providers such as Zoom and BlueJeans also allow you to broadcast live to Facebook with multiple participants. Learn more about broadcasting Live to Facebook using Zoom and BlueJeans , or ask your video conferencing provider if they support this functionality.

Here are some things to keep in mind before, during and after your stream on Facebook Live. You can learn more about Online Events here , as well as explore these lessons for more information on planning and producing an Online Event on Facebook.

To make it easier to discover and join these online events, we have also redesigned the Events bookmark. From here, your audience can quickly find events happening now, as well as discover those based on their interests, allowing them to stay connected with you and other events they care about.

You can learn more here. If possible, we recommend scheduling live broadcasts ahead of time to make your audience aware of upcoming broadcasts and to more easily connect when your stream begins. Learn more about scheduling a live broadcast. Learn how to make connections and create shared experiences on Facebook live video.

Join us to discover how to take your livestreams to the next level and the monetisation options we have available for your live content. You can also schedule streams on nearly every other streaming platform. If the goal is to livestream to Facebook, YouTube, or elsewhere, you may be better off with simple livestreaming software designed to do just that.

Here are a few times when you should consider using dedicated livestreaming software like Switcher Studio instead:. Zoom may be the right fit for you if all you want to stream is a simple, Zoom-branded meeting. Join us live at 1 p. Published on November 20, They even require hosts to manually enable joining via browser. Reach large audiences: On a related note, Zoom limits the number of people who can attend a Zoom meeting.

Even the most expensive Zoom plan allows for only participants though you can add more for a price. Share streams after the fact : Facebook and YouTube automatically make stream videos available after streams end. Zoom, on the other hand, requires hosts both to manually enable recording of meetings and then actively share those recordings with anyone who wants to view them later. How to livestream a Zoom meeting to Facebook Live Start your meeting and link it to Facebook: Start a Zoom meeting as you normally would.

Click More ellipsis button in the bottom right, then click Live on Facebook. Choose your Facebook destination: A Facebook window will pop up with stream destination options. Start your livestream in Facebook Live Producer: Facebook will now show you a stream preview of your Zoom meeting.

Enter your title and description, adjust settings as needed, and then click Go Live. Click More ellipsis button in the bottom right, then click Live on YouTube. Then allow Zoom access to your Google account. Title your stream and choose the privacy settings: Enter a title for your Zoom meeting; set the privacy to public, unlisted, or private; and then click Go Live. Schedule your meeting on Zoom and enter your credentials: Schedule a Zoom meeting for the same date and time and click Save.

On the next meeting details page, scroll down to the Live Streaming section and click the configure live stream settings link.

Click Save. Start your Zoom meeting and link your platform: A few minutes before your scheduled Zoom meeting and your scheduled stream, start your Zoom meeting.


– How and Why to Stream from Zoom to Facebook Live and YouTube Live

Why I cant facebook live thru zoom pro on my phone? Because you can start the meeting before going live, it is good practice to ask permission of your meeting guests and notify them when you plan to start the broadcast. The pandemic has transformed Zoom from a workplace conferencing software into an every-place conferencing software. Click Go Live in the bottom left.


How to share zoom meeting link on facebook.How to go Live on Facebook using Zoom

Click Settings. On the Meeting tab under the In Meeting (Advanced) section, locate the Allow livestreaming of meetings setting, verify that is enabled, check the Facebook option, and click Save to save the changes.


How to share zoom meeting link on facebook. How To Connect Zoom To Facebook Live

Grow, connect. This procedure will start a private scheduled meeting and one which will go live on Facebook. We will join the meeting from the host and she will be streaming it on her page.

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