How to use zoom app on laptop for online classes. How to Join a Class on Zoom Meeting on Desktop/Laptop?

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Zoom Online Teaching – How to Use Zoom to Teach Classes | Rev.How to install and use Zoom app on mobile phones and laptops for online classes |

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How to use zoom app on laptop for online classes


Students can have their own small groups, which will promote more participation. Read about Zoom Breakout Rooms here. Zoom Whiteboards are another feature that seems tailor made for teachers. We combine A. Wanna hear more about it? Get our most popular posts, product updates, and exciting giveaway announcements directly to your inbox! Teachers can also mute or unmute them accordingly to maintain peace in the class. It is like a lobby where participants wait after joining until the time teacher admits them one by one in the class.

Always download the Zoom app from the official website zoom. After completing the Sign Up process, you may sign in with your email and password, or you use social login like Google and Facebook. You also get the option to disconnect audio and turn off video during the meeting. Leave the last two checkboxes unticked to connect audio and video during a meeting. If all settings are perfect, then you are ready to join the meeting.

Otherwise, you may need to take the help of a technical expert. You may check different YouTube videos to fix such problems. When the host teacher will allow you in a meeting, you will see the following nag screen.

After you join a class on Zoom, you need to know some important options given by Zoom clients for meetings. You may use them as per your requirement. It is a perfect option to watch classroom activities later in time. It will launch the already installed Zoom Client for meetings on your computer or smartphone. Otherwise, it will download the installer to install the Zoom on your desktop. If so, then you must install the Zoom client for meetings to join a meeting with your teacher.

The first and foremost advantage of zoom is better to screen resolution, which means on a desktop computer or laptop, students can have better visibility and clarity of the topics and subject-matter. Using Zoom via desktop does not affect our eyes so much because you can maintain a proper distance from the screen.

The next advantage of using Zoom Client for meetings on the desktop is that you can enjoy a wide variety of features on your desktop instead of on phones. Sometimes, it happens that a particular video or PPT is not supported on the phone, but it is supported on desktop.

Another advantage of using the Zoom meeting app on a desktop is that children will only spend their screen time as needed for a class because they are not aware of the other features of the desktop, which will limit their screen time and not harm their eyesight. The last advantage of using the Zoom meeting app on a desktop is that it allows up to 49 thumbnails at once in the gallery view. It is not cost-effective and affordable, which means that there are many parents who cannot afford a desktop or laptop due to its high price.

So, they would opt for a mobile phone instead of a laptop or desktop. A desktop is not handy or portable. The development team, however, has claimed that it has started paying all its attention to enhance privacy. This could ultimately make Zoom a more robust solution for virtual meetings. That being said, you might just be wondering how you should start with Zoom.

So here, we’re providing a step-by-step guide on how to use the Zoom app on your desktop. To make things easier for you, we are providing steps for both Windows and Mac devices.

You can also download the latest Zoom client for your desktop directly from the official site before getting started with our tutorial. Here’s how you can join a Zoom meeting on Windows or Mac, with logging in. Zoom also lets users join a meeting from a Web browser, instead of downloading its app on their computers. So all you need to do in such a case is just open the given link to the meeting, your browser will show you a page where you’ll get a Join from your browser link.

You’ll then get a screen from where you just need to enter your name to join the meeting. It is important to note that the Join from your browser link is provided from the host side, and it isn’t available for all meetings. If you have a Zoom account, you can follow these steps to join a Zoom meeting.

Signing in gives you more options. You can also add your name on that screen that will be visible to the host of that meeting and other participants. Further, you can turn off the video or audio by clicking on the provided checkboxes. The app will now connect you with the meeting.


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